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4-1Help with Hypnosis

Do you ever feel like you aren’t capable or “good enough” to achieve your goals? 
Is your life overshadowed by fears, guilt, or anger? 
Do you struggle with self-doubt, limiting beliefs, or negative patterns of behavior?

Like many people, I lived with these problems for years and I know just how stifling living under the shadow of, what I call, the Terrible Trinity of Shame, Fear, and Anger. 

While working with clients who deal with these types of difficult challenges, I learned that sometimes getting to the root of problems can be a long and onerous process through coaching and education alone. I found that past guilt, fears, and seeming failures often thwarted the process. Determined to equip myself with a formidable means to help my clients bypass these limits, I discovered the incredible impact hypnosis offers in counterbalancing these problems, clearing the path for clients on their way to success. 

Help and Direction with Coaching

Have you ever felt shame or embarrassment about your body?
Do you feel threatened by the thought of your partner seeking the passion they secretly desire from someone else?
Are you afraid you aren’t “enough” for your lover?

I know exactly how that feels. For years I lived in constant fear concerning my personal relationships. Infidelity had shattered the hearts of practically every adult in my young life; and, I swore that I would never allow that pattern to be repeated in my own life, my own family.

I spent a large portion of my life reversing the shame and blame surrounding sexuality, arming myself with the knowledge and resources of intimacy and relationships in order to guarantee myself that I would never lose the one I love and subsequently watch my family fall apart due to sexual ignorance or apprehension.


Now, I’m on a mission to help others, like you, who may struggle with similar challenges. Because tackling these challenges alone sucks the energy and joy right out of you.  

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