What is Hypnosis and How Can I Benefit from It?

Hypnosis is a normal and frequent state of mind.  For example, imagine the last time you drove home and found yourself parked in your driveway realizing that you couldn’t remember most of the drive home. You were able to drive to your intended destination because, while your conscious mind was likely focused on or daydreaming about something else, your subconscious mind knew the route you needed to take in order to arrive home safely.

Hypnosis can bring balance to your life.

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, 2004, hypnosis is “a special psychological state with certain physiological attributes, resembling sleep only superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.” That is a lot of fancy words strung together to basically mean that hypnosis is simply an open-minded state that occurs when we are relaxed and focused.

According to the United States government, hypnosis consists of two important factors. First, hypnosis enables the bypass of the Critical Factor (the comparing mechanism of the mind) and, secondly, it includes the acceptance of “acceptable selective thinking.” Simply stated, hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility brought about by way of a hypnotic induction that allows you to make the powerful, positive changes in your life that you want to make.  Keep in mind, during each session you are completely aware, safe and secure. ¹

All of our experiences are held within the subconscious mind and can be uncovered using hypnosis.  Imagine being able to unlock self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting beliefs, and harmful emotions in order to find yourself heading down a new more desirable path in your life. ²

Hypnosis has been shown to help with a multitude of common problems such as fears, phobias, compulsion and habit control, pain management, insomnia, and ongoing grief. It has also been shown to improve one’s performance levels in academics, sports, work, and even in sexual performance. Hypnosis can also neutralize shame and improve confidence!

If you’re tired of wasting your money and energy on all the things that haven’t worked out for you (self-help books, seminars, magical thinking, “toughing it out,” and the like) and are really ready to invest in yourself, get in touch with me today.

¹ Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958.
² For more detailed information, see my video entitled The Truth About Hypnosis.



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