Fantasize Your Way to More Fulfilling Sex, Part 2

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Engaging in intimate fantasiesĀ¹ in order to heighten our sexual desires is very common; only, no one wants to admit to it, not even to their closest friends.

What Is an Intimate Adult Sexual Relationship?

Let's face it, we don't know what we don't know. If you were asked to create a delicious four course meal from scratch that would be enticing, balanced, and healthy for your dinner guest, where would you begin?

Sexual Humility vs. Humiliation and Sexual Shame

Sexual Shame as a byproduct of humiliation.Ā 

Fixing a Marriage Does Not Necessarily Fix the Sex

When marriage counseling doesn't address the sexual component of a relationship, the results can be devastating.

What is Intimacy and Relationship Coaching?

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What is Intimacy and Relationship Coaching?