Sexuality and Pleasure Education


We don’t know what we don’t know.

Why would grown-ups need sex education?

As we mature in life, so should our understanding of our most intimate needs and desires. Adults need age-appropriate sex education, too. Sexuality, apart from interpersonal relationships, can be confusing at any stage of an individual’s life. Adding a partner to the mix can make it exponentially so. Whether you are married or single, you deserve to know more about, and to feel good about, your sexuality.

Just as our own sexuality — including our preferences, bodies, desires, and our libidos — will mature and change over time, our partner’s sexuality is also likely changing. Maintaining a healthy and intimate sexual relationship takes effort. It can be careless to take for granted that the things you and your loved one enjoyed under the covers for so long is what still whets their appetite. Without open, honest communication, it’s easy to slip into a routine that may be comfortable for one of you, but desperately predictable or boring for the other. If it’s been a long while since the two of you have taken an inventory of your intimacy, you might actually be surprised by what your partner is really thinking and how he or she feels about the sexual component of your relationship together.

…it’s easy to slip into a routine that may be comfortable for one of you, but desperately predictable or boring for the other.

What can adult sexuality and pleasure education do for me?

As your personal and confidential sex educator, Micki caters to your specific intimate needs depending on your current level of knowledge and comfort with sexuality. Her first goal then is to help you clarify how much you already know about sexuality in general. Even people who have been sexually active for a very long time are sometimes amazed at how little they actually know. And that’s okay. We don’t know what we don’t know.

You don’t have to hold onto fear, guilt or shame around your sexuality anymore.

From there, you and Micki will work together to fill in the gaps in your education. You will then will discuss ways in which you can explore your own desires, including pleasure techniques that can enhance those desires throughout, until you reach your desired goal of knowledge and comfort. You can expect an eye-opening and thought-provoking journey.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, here are some things you may learn more about, and feel more comfortable with, by the time you reach your self-set goal while exploring your sexuality and pleasure:

  • the perfect design that is your body, as well as all of the bookish but important stuff about your partner’s body.
  • viewing your sexuality as a positive, healthy, important part of your life, regardless of your past experiences and/or your current life stage.
  • how to discuss sex more freely with the one you love.
  • which sexual positions can be most beneficial for experiencing pleasure based on your personal body type, stage of life, and your own personal erogenous zones.
  • how to find all of your erogenous zones!
  • which resources, techniques, and tools are available to help enhance your pleasure, your partner’s pleasure, and the pleasure you and your partner enjoy together.

Knowledge is power. Do you desire more?  You are encouraged to contact Micki to schedule your completely confidential and complimentary session here.

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