Intimacy and Relationship Coaching


Building and maintaining strong, healthy, meaningful relationships is not an instant, effortless process because Life is not an instant, effortless process. And much of the time, the how-tos of building these relationships can be a complete mystery to us because love is rarely logical!

What sets my approach apart from everything else you’ve tried?

I implement the incredible tool of hypnosis

to help you locate the root of your concerns.

As a hypnotist, Micki helps her client clearly identify their specific relationship challenges. As a coach, she helps the client consciously work through old patterns of behavior in order to guide and encourage them towards the relationship growth they desire using advanced sexual intimacy and pleasure techniques; solid, respectful communication skills; and, delightfully sex-and-body-positive philosophies.


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What is Intimacy and Relationship Coaching?

The Legal Stuff: I am not a Licensed Therapist. Please call a licensed professional for medical, mental, or emergency services. All submissions, requests, and clients are subject to approval. Pricing and services subject to change. Terms of Service, Disclaimers, and Non-Disclosure Agreements are available upon request.

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