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Dear Prospective Client,

I spent a great deal of time sharing a lot of personal life information in the “About” pages on my website because when working with professionals it is their sincerity, authenticity, and transparency that mean the most to me. Of course, it is likely for that reason that a friend of mine, who is heavily involved in local and national politics once told me, I’d make a lousy politician.

I’ve been a member of the “working force” since I was sixteen years old. I’ve worked in restaurants and retail. I was a private nanny while in college and volunteered as a student liaison with one of the first AIDS outreach programs in West Texas. I’ve taught numerous high school courses including drama, speech, health, and English. I educate adults about sexual health and pleasure. I was first published in 1991 and I’ve been writing steadily in some form or fashion since 2004. I’ve been a mom for over 20 years. I’ve provided complimentary support as a doula and a lactation consultant. I have spent over a decade volunteering as a “Room Mom” and was even “the Avon Mom” for 15 years.

While working with clients as a life coach, I realized that getting to the root causes of their problems could often be a painstakingly slow process using coaching and education alone. As for me, instant gratification often takes too long. So, wanting to help my clients bypass these limitations and frustrations more expeditiously, I discovered the incredible impact hypnosis offers in counterbalancing deep-rooted challenges. I therefore took definitive action and became a Master Certified Hypnotist. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the underlying theme to my work centers on the helping professions.  I consider myself singularly blessed to be following my life’s calling by helping others.

For those prospective clients who want more details of my credentials via universities and institutions, please visit my LinkedIn profile page.

Sincerely yours,

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Micki Allen, BA, CLC, MCH, CH