Professional Profile

While working with clients as a life coach specializing in intimacy and relationships, I realized that getting to the root causes of their problems could often be a painstakingly slow process using coaching and education alone. So, wanting to help my clients bypass these limitations and frustrations more expeditiously, I discovered the incredible impact hypnosis offers to counterbalance deeply rooted challenges. I therefore took definitive action and became a Master Certified Hypnotist. 

I use the most modern and advanced hypnosis techniques to help children, young adults, and adults, who are struggling with everything from stress to improving relationships and a variety of other challenges in their daily lives.  For a more comprehensive list, see my Services page. 

For those prospective clients who want more details of my credentials via universities and institutions, please visit my LinkedIn profile page.

Receiving my 5-PATH® Certification from Mr. Banyan himself.