Micki as Mom

Clan Allen, Christmas 2018

This Mom is a self-proclaimed wonderwife and mom of many. My seven children range from littles to adults and they are all as different as night and day!  My firstborn insisted on being born in January 1996, my bookend baby made her harried entrance in October 2009, and The Home Clan Allen Builds has been bustling ever since. Chances are, if you are a mom, I have experienced or am experiencing situations that may be similar to your own.

Pregnancies/Deliveries I have experienced:

  • Miscarriage
  • Natural
  • Induced
  • Planned and emergency C-Sections
  • V-BACs
  • Multiples

Feeding styles I have practiced:

  • Breastfeeding by Schedule (admittedly very short-lived)
  • Breastfeeding on Demand
  • Tandem Nursing Twins (for two years)
  • Bottle Feeding (due to health complications)

Parenting styles I have ascribed to:

  • Attachment Parenting, including the use of the family bed and baby-wearing
  • Love & Logic (for our school-aged children)
  • Because I’m the Mom (haven’t we all tried this?)
  • True Parenting (parenting by personality type)

Schooling systems we have used:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Home
  • Charter