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All sessions and calls are strictly confidential from the get-go. If you’d like more than a pinkie promise, I will happily supply a Confidentiality Agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement) upon request.

Sessions are usually conducted online via Zoom.¹ Hypnosis over video services has proven to be very effective, as looking into a computer screen can itself be an hypnotic experience. Also, it offers the advantage of receiving one-to-one sessions within the privacy and security of your own home from virtually any part of the globe.

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Inquiries may be emailed to hello@mickiallenhypnosis(dot)com or you may fill in the contact form below.

¹Zoom is a video conferencing app that you can download to your computer. It is completely free for you to use. Zoom offers end-to-end encryption for in-meeting security and Micki Allen Hypnosis uses a private Personal Meeting ID (PMI) link with each client.

To offer more personalized service and achieve significant, positive outcomes for my clients, I only work with with a limited number of people at a time. Clients are expected to be clearly devoted to the process, available for scheduled sessions, and truly committed to executing the details required in order to achieve the results they desire.






The Legal Stuff: I am not a Licensed Therapist. Please call a licensed professional for medical, mental, or emergency services. All submissions, requests, and clients are subject to approval. Pricing and services subject to change. Terms of Service, Disclaimers, and Non-Disclosure Agreements are available upon request.