Competent. Confidential. Compassionate.

Choosing someone to do hypnosis work with is such an important decision given the time, money, and emotional commitment involved. Of course, you want to feel comfortable with your hypnosis professional – to know that they will be compassionate as well as competent. You also want to know that your sessions will be completely confidential.

Micki holds herself to the highest code of ethics and standards as established by the National Guild of Hypnotists to insure that your physical and mental well-being are always her prime consideration. Micki is often called “a professional secret keeper” because discretion, confidentiality, and compassion are her forte.

Sessions are tailored with each client’s goals and needs in mind to offer clients the best opportunity to address the root causes of their ongoing issues so they may move forward with newfound clarity, focus, and purpose.

Contact Micki today for a free consultation to discuss whether or not your specific needs may be met with hypnosis.