Managing Anger with Hypnosis

You might have grown up trying to pretend like you weren’t really angry or feeling that you had to hide your feelings of anger because, as children, we’re often told that we shouldn’t be upset, that we need to “get over it,” or that we should “put on a happy face.” Because being angry actually feels bad, we equate it with something that is negative — something that should be suppressed, hidden, or ignored. Suppressing anger can lead to various forms of unhealthy anger issues, including our physical and mental health.

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The fact is, anger is a normal part of life. Anger can be a very useful emotion. Anger is an emotion that usually warns us that something is unfair. And, if we can channel that indignation into ethically making a situation fair, then it can be a very useful emotion indeed. However, if we are unable to resolve the situation, we are often left feeling frustrated,  betrayed, or defensive.

Problems with anger typically stem from anger that is either disproportionate to a given situation or when it becomes destructive — either to you or to the people in your life. It’s unfortunate, but we are usually the last to know when our anger has gotten “out of control.”

Hypnosis works to find the root cause of your anger so that you can begin to understand and deal with it. Hypnosis allows you to become an observer of your anger rather than being a victim of your anger.

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