Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs

The beliefs and judgement we have about ourselves often first come to us through the lens of the adults and authority figures of our youth. While our minds are still highly impressionable, the opinions of those by whom we are surrounded, the “grown-ups” we rely on to offer us the Truth, are planted in our subconscious.

In other words, we accept the beliefs of both those who encourage us and those who discourage us. Unfortunately, because our brains are hardwired to react viscerally to negative input, we’re more likely to retain the bad things we are told and experience.

“I’m just not good enough.”

Limiting beliefs shape everything we do in life. They can keep us from believing in ourselves, from seeing the opportunities available to us, and even paralyze us when we want to take positive steps forward in our lives.

The key to understanding what your limiting beliefs are is your Inner Child. Your Inner Child holds fast to the limiting beliefs that were imposed on him or her during your childhood. If you ever find yourself thinking, “I’m just not good enough or smart enough to figure this out,” it’s likely because this is something that your Inner Child was told by an adult or other authority figure in your life.

Even the most well-intentioned parents and adults say things to children that are hurtful.  These early wounds and scars are sadly carried by our Inner Child, our sub-personality, that we carry with us subconsciously throughout our lifetimes.

The beauty and power of hypnosis comes with the capability to bypass the critical factor of your mind [the part of the mind between the conscious and subconscious mind] which limits new, and positive, beliefs.

Yes, with hypnosis you can transcend the limiting beliefs carried by your Inner Child and create the life you want to live. Contact me today to discuss a plan of action developed for your specific needs.

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