Is Your Inner Child Preventing A Successful Adulthood?

Your Inner Child is the part of your personality that still reacts and feels like a child. The early wounds and scars we experience as children are sadly carried by our Inner Children, our sub-personality, that we carry with us subconsciously throughout our lifetimes. And, because we have all been children, we all continue to carry many of the experiences, memories, emotions, and beliefs of our Inner Children.

The Inner Child is a real psychological phenomenon. Have you ever met an adult, say a thirty or forty year old person, who when faced with an adult pressure actually reacts with what you would could consider truly child-like behavior? It’s very likely that you have. Many adults are navigating through life with a a very fearful and angry five year old subconsciously controlling their thoughts, words, and deeds.

Although “Grown Ups” are supposed to put away (or suppress) their childish behaviors, as well as their childhood fears, thoughts, and frustrations, the truth is, their Inner Child can be very loud. Very persuasive. And, very strong. In fact, the Inner Child can often overpower the will of the adult.

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How can you stop your own Inner Child from thwarting your adulthood? First, you must become conscious of your Inner Child in order to discover the subconscious motivations he or she is holding more powerfully than your conscious Adult Self. You must then take your Inner Child child seriously.

Of course, we cannot change our pasts. What was done can never be undone. However, with hypnosis,  conflicting needs of both the Grown Up and Inner Child can often be satisfied. Contact Micki Allen to discuss your situation and begin your path towards success today.

For more information about the Inner Child, visit my YouTube channel to view my 5-part series entitled Your Inner Child

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