Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Being nervous before an interview, a test, sports event, music performance, a public speaking engagement, or even a special private evening with a loved one is perfectly natural. In fact, performance anxiety is the most commonly reported social fear. However, when this nervousness or stress gets in the way of our ability to achieve our full potential and happiness, we may be suffering in a way that feels far from natural or normal.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Simply stepping out on the stage of our everyday lives can sometimes feel overwhelming. But knowing that all eyes will be one us cannot only wrack our nerves, it can make our heart pound, our hands sweat, our necks flush, our mouths feel dry, and our stomachs churn. These physical reactions can often paralyze us into inaction.

What we often don’t realize is that these negative physical reactions stem from our mental presumptions of failure. When our initial nervousness is reinforced by negative self-talk and projections of expected disappointment, a perfect storm forms to keep us from achieving success.

Hypnosis can help us neutralize fear and replace these negative messages and presumptions with positive and rational thoughts. By accessing the subconscious mind, where all of our beliefs and behavior patterns reside (both positive and negative), we can quiet our inner critic and encourage healthy, positive expectation.

I work with clients on a wide range of performance issues, such as:

  • Auditions
  • Being Intimate/Sexual
  • Concerts/Recitals
  • Driving
  • Interviewing
  • Public Speaking
  • Sports
  • Test Taking

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