Quiet Your Negative Beliefs

In our earlier years of development, we develop beliefs about ourselves and the world, and these beliefs become the lens through which we view life. We’re constantly on the lookout for evidence to support our beliefs, which means that we’re always looking for information to validate that what we believe is true. -Kain Ramsay

Our lives are shaped by the thoughts we carry. The good news is that positive beliefs shape everything we do in life. When we hold healthy, affirming thoughts and beliefs, we move forward in life with an attitude of peace and confidence. Unfortunately, our limiting beliefs shape everything that we do, too. When we hold on to negative, fearful, and doubtful thoughts and beliefs, we often get stuck in impractical and unworthy situations because we feel impotent to change what we believe to be our “lot in life.”

Imagine that growing up, you were given negative feedback by the adults you looked up to. Little ones take the statements of grown-ups as fact. So, being told that your effort wasn’t good enough, that your hard work was “not as good” as it should be, was stored in your mind as definitive evidence. Your growing mind accepted as absolute truth that you weren’t “enough.”

Because of past negative reinforcement, have you spent your life looking to fail?

In today’s hyper-socialized media atmosphere, we are bombarded with the “Perfect Lives” of everyone around us. It’s natural for us to get caught up in the loop of comparing our achievements with those on our screens. Our brains rarely think to stop and consider that what others are displaying for public consumption are the edited versions of what they are trying to project to the world. We never see the hours of frustration and effort put into those edited versions. We are rarely exposed to the numerous failed attempts and blunders that took place before. Our minds take these images at face value.

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Add that “instant perfection” to our own beliefs of self-doubt and negative expectation, and you have the perfect storm for living in a constant state of futility. But there is hope.

With the help of hypnosis, you can quiet and even neutralize those self-limiting beliefs. You can reprogram your mind to expect success and productive outcomes in your life. Hypnosis bypasses your critical factor in order to help overcome those blockages that are in the way of your success. Prepare yourself for positive personal growth. Change your thoughts, change your habits, and change your life for the better!

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