Stop Fear from Stopping You

When fear and avoidance cause changes in your ability to live a normal lifestyle it’s time to make a change.

stop fear from stopping you.

It’s unfortunate, but in the climate of our current culture, fear is often seen as a weakness, something that we should hide from those around us and “just deal with it” on our own. The problem with trying to overcome fears on our own is that we, in essence, end up hiding them away, avoiding otherwise common situations, and trying to suppress them. And, if you’re reading this posting, it’s likely that you know that hiding, avoiding, and suppressing fears in no way helps us to overcome them.

Whether the fears are internal (fear of rejection, fear of failure, etc.) or external (fear of insects, animals, heights), fear ultimately causes inner pain. Because inner pain causes stress responses in the mind, inner pain always manifests itself. You may see your pain’s symptoms presenting themselves as feelings of anxiousness, helplessness, hopelessness, restlessness, or sadness. Fear can actually make you sick. You may suffer from physical signs of headaches, gastrointestinal distress, insomnia, or fatigue. Living with ongoing fear has been shown to lead to an increased blood pressure, decreased libido, and chronic pain.

There is good news! Your fears can be neutralized. With advanced hypnosis training in working with fears and phobias, I will be happy to work with you about the specific fear you are looking to overcome. There is hope with hypnosis!

Contact Micki Allen Hypnosis today and get things started by having your questions answered; and then if you like, we can make an appointment for you to start on the path to overcoming your fears.


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