Should I Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking?

Is the “Just One More” method working for you?

If you’re considering hypnosis to quit smoking, you’ve likely already tried to quit smoking before, only to be frustrated with yourself when you gave in to “just one more” pack or bought “just one more” carton.

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What are you really craving?

Thinking that your addiction was merely due to nicotine, you may have tried patches, pouches, gum, or e-cigs, to wean yourself off cigarettes. Realizing that you merely replaced one unwanted habit with another that was yucky, expensive, or just plain not working for you, you may have thrown your hands up and decided it was more “rewarding” to just smoke.

You may have stopped smoking only to find that you’ve replaced the oral habit of tobacco with the oral habit of sweet or salty snacks. Not wanting to continue gaining weight, you may have gone back to smoking.

Are you ready for the good news?

You don’t have to gain weight because you quit smoking. The educative component of the hypnosis process we use actually helps you to replace the smoking habit with good positive behaviors.

With hypnosis, together we will go after the root cause that keeps you reaching for cigarettes.  Not just nicotine or habit, but the underlying social and emotional reasons for smoking. This hypnotic approach dissolves the underlying issue, giving you the freedom to quit for good. Thousands and thousands of people across the country have quit smoking using hypnosis. Will you be next?

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