What is 5-PATH® Hypnosis?


When searching for a system of hypnosis that would best help my clients overcome their blockages on their road to success, I found that most of the instructional courses I could find weren’t actually offering a form of hypnosis that was systematic at all. Some even bragged they offered “shortcuts” and “cheat-sheets” to “quick fixes.”  What the hell? I genuinely want to help people take control in their lives, not offer them a quick-fix or require they suppress or ignore their feelings! Thankfully, I was introduced to 5-PATH®.

I genuinely want to help my clients take control in their lives, not offer them a quick-fix or require they suppress or ignore their feelings!

Simply put, 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy allows the hypnotist to go far beyond what most hypnotists can do in a hypnosis session. Because 5-PATH® takes a systematic approach when working with clients, 5-PATHers® go beyond merely suggesting changes and using  visualization techniques offered by so many other hypnotists — which only bring about limited or temporary results.

5-PATHers® take difficult cases and help most people resolve their problems, usually in 4-6 sessions. 

5-PATHers® use modern hypnotic induction (no swinging watches or hokey gadgets are used), to take clients through each phase of the process, customizing each phase for the client’s needs, making sure that their hypnosis experience is completely professional, confidential and effective. As 5-PATHers®, we are trained to find the actual cause of the client’s problem and neutralize and even eliminate it. 5-PATHers® are even able to deal with issues that could be causing problems that the client may not have thought of such as internal conflicts. Because the 5-PATH® process uses therapeutic & hypnotic techniques, applied in five phases over an average of four to six sessions, the approach allows clients to be more successful and experience long term and even permanent results.

Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, or any other stressful issue, you should know that there is hope.


Micki Allen is a proud 5-PATHer®, a certified hypnosis professional trained directly under Cal Banyan, the creator of 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy.

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