Why Dutch Teens Have Better Sexual Health Than American Teens – Justin Lehmiller

Dr. Justin Lehmiller, the creator of the blog site Sex and Psychology, shares some interesting ideas and intriguing facts about the state of adolescent sexual health in America and abroad.

This week in my study abroad course on sex and culture in the Netherlands, we’re focusing on cross-cultural differences in sexual health and sex education. As a starting point, we’re reviewing some statistics that highlight how dramatically different teens’ sexual health outcomes are in the Netherlands relative to the U.S. Check out the infographic below for a quick overview, which shows that teen girls in the Netherlands have much lower rates of pregnancy, birth, and abortion. Below, we’ll discuss why.


Check out his full article posted here.

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  1. Oh! Looks like culture and society in general CAN have a positive influence 😉 We ought to take a page from the Netherlands in the teen pregnancy realm. Thanks for sharing!

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